About the Blog and Authors

What You’ll See Here:

Welcome! My friend Justin and I started this blog because cooking has become a fun hobby for the both of us. We wanted to share our passion for trying new things and creating new recipes with everyone else. You might also see posts that are food-related, such as topics on cooking shows, travel, or restaurant experiences. Hopefully you will enjoy what you read and can gain something from the posts at the same time. Feel free to leave comments as well!

You may find that though the posts have recipes, a lot of them will have estimated measurements, aside from the posts having to do with exact cooking methods such as baking or pastry. This is because I feel that though recipes are great, they often are open to interpretation from each individual reading it. Some may like certain flavors, others may not. Some people are more sensitive to seasonings and spices/herbs, and some will want more of it. Keeping food safety and cross-contamination measures in mind, a big tip is to make sure to taste AS you cook, not only afterward. This way you can adjust as you go and avoid over/underseasoning the dish. But hey, things happen. Just have fun with the process. It can be very therapeutic!

About the Authors:


I’m just a regular guy who loves to experience all things regarding food, and the culinary world. I was born in the Philippines, but I spent the first half of my life growing up in Southern California, living in San Bernardino, then moving to the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles (Sherman Oaks / Tarzana). After middle school, I moved to South Florida. I have definitely loved trying new foods since I was younger, especially since my grandmother was an amazing cook, and I often got to help her out when she made various Filipino foods.

Cooking with friends is great fun, and a good excuse to get together and try out new dishes.

I’ve got no formal/professional training, but enjoy practicing new techniques and trying out different ingredients, essentially becoming self-trained as I go along. I gather culinary influences from culinary instruction manuals (The Professional Chef, The Professional Pastry Chef, etc), cookbooks, other food-bloggers, and TV shows such as Top Chef on Bravo, or other shows on the Food Network.

I’m fascinated by new-age techniques/technology such as sous-vide, molecular gastronomy (not every chef likes that term), and with complex dishes. I definitely want to go to places such as Alinea, Per Se, WD-50, etc. However, I’m also aware that learning about classic techniques and foundations is key, and sometimes that simple is better in terms of flavors, plating, and presentation. Ever see complex dishes that had so much on a plate, or so many flavors, that you didn’t know where to start? I know I’ve made some like that. Restraint can sometimes be a cook’s/chef’s best friend.

Some of my favorite foods are: Anything related to breakfast (waffles, eggs, pancakes, bacon, etc), Ice cream & gelato, pastas, pizza, anything Thai, Japanese, Indian, and well, the list keeps going, lol. I’m not very picky.


Well, since Justin never edited this himself, allow me (Anthony) to provide some background info on him. My friend/former co-worker/current co-blogger Justin hails from the area of  Chicago, IL, and is a heck of a foodie in his own right. He is becoming very adept in the kitchen, teaching himself new skills and recipes, and also learning from experience, as well as various people, myself included, haha, j/k. And his new fiancée’s (congrats to you guys!) mother is one hell of a cook as well, so she has definitely taught Justin a thing or two. I would say a lot of his prep skills, which he is great at, come from a job as a teenager at a sub shop.

He loves a good steak, and is a huge fan of Chicago-related foods, including Chicago dogs (Superdawg anyone?) and hot Italian beef sandwiches. While not a huge fan of seafood, aside from sushi, he deserves props for being willing to try a lot of different things.