Playing Around with…Other Blogs?

Hey all, every so often I come across other interesting posts/recipes from fellow bloggers that I like a lot, or think that you may like. So I’m gonna start sharing them.


Macheesmo – Goat Cheese Raspberry Brownies – I really like brownies, and I LOVE goat cheese. The combination just sounds strange, probably even gross to some of you, but you never know until you try something. Check out this recipe from, I know I want to try it very soon.


The Food in my Beard – Indian Smokehouse Burger – This sounds amazing, and looks awesome too. Indian food may be too strong or unappealing to some, but I find it to be so good! Check out this take on a “burger”, which is served on Naan bread, and instead of the beef, it has a homemade veggie patty (it wouldn’t be traditional Indian if it had beef, of course)


Enjoy folks, I’ll be back soon with more new posts.


– Anthony


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