Food TV Host/Chef Pet Peeve

Hey all,

Just wanted to say hello. Oh, and also complain about a gross habit that I see people do on TV…a lot… when they are cooking something. Any guesses?

You got it! It’s tasting food by dipping a finger in whatever, then possibly tasting again. Even if I only see it once it makes me think it’s done several times….appetizing, right? Makes you wanna get those reservations to their restaurant ASAP.

And here’s a Seinfeld clip to reiterate my point…Youtube Disabled Embedding on this one, so click on the link:

Seinfeld – Double Dip

Ok, so we’re all human, I’m sure we’ve all done it while we’re cooking. I make a conscious effort to use tasting spoons, but if i slip, will wash my hands ASAP. But if you’re on a show, as a respected chef, or as a mentor for those learning to cook…at least use a tasting spoon (a clean one!) or wash your hands!

Mentioning cleanliness, I’m still planning on doing an overview of kitchen cleanliness and food safety, but need the time to do so. This post should remind me to do that, lol.

Take care! And keep your fingers out of the pot/bowl/whatever! Haha. Happy cooking!

– Anthony


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