Richard Blais on CNN’s Eatocracy blog

Check out Richard Blais, Top Chef All-Stars contestant, and chef-owner of Flip Burger Boutique in Atlanta, GA, on CNN’s Eatocracy blog, making scrambled eggnog.

I know, it sounds funky, but really it’s just eggnog made using liquid nitrogen to freeze it into ice cream, but also making it look like scrambled eggs. Gotta love cooking and science!

Check out Richard using liquid nitrogen to make “scrambled eggnog”

Richard’s new show, Blais-off, premiere tonight, and is on The Science Channel on Friday nights at 10 PM (check your local listings).

EDIT: I just watched the first two episodes of the series. The shows center around Richard preparing foods using advanced techniques, such as sous-vide, chemical/molecular techniques, and other innovative methods, and comparing them to the classics. Think along the lines of Food Network’s Throwdown merged with Alton Brown’s Good Eats. The shows were definitely entertaining, and it was cool to see the different spins on the classics. For example, Richard made mozzarella “spheres” and liquid nitrogen frozen basil to go on top of his pizza. Watch the show and see for yourself.


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