Top Chef All-Stars Poll (Re-post)

I posted this as one of my first posts on this blog, and am re-posting for all TC fans to take the poll again. The premiere of the new Top Chef All-Stars (season 8), is on Wednesday, December 1st. Just wanted to get a sense of who people think will take this second-chance and come out on top.

Happy Voting!

Don’t remember some of these contestants? Here are links to their bios on the Top Chef website:

Here is the full list (I updated the links to the newer Season 8 Bio links from the TC website:

Season 1:
· Tiffani Faison
· Stephen Asprinio

Season 2:
· Marcel Vigneron
· Elia Aboumrad

Season 3:
· Dale Levitski
· Casey Thompson
· Tre Wilcox

Season 4:
· Richard Blais
· Spike Mendelsohn
· Dale Talde
· Antonia Lofaso

Season 5:
· Fabio Viviani
· Jamie Lauren
· Carla Hall

Season 6:
· Michael Isabella
· Jennifer Carroll

Season 7:
· Angelo Sosa
· Tiffany Derry



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2 responses to “Top Chef All-Stars Poll (Re-post)

  1. As am I! I’m a huge fan of the show, and I think this is a great idea…rather than those ridiculous “reunion” or holiday shows.

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