Cooking Fail!

So I know I said I would post about cooking failures as well. I had my most recent one last night!

As I placed flank steak into a pot to make Vaca Frita, I didn’t notice that I slid the steak in bottom side down. On the bottom was the plastic thing that soaks up meat juices, etc (a tasty image, right? Lol). I didn’t see one and thought there wasn’t one.

So only after boiling for over an hour did I notice pieces of plastic and paper floating in the pot. Say it together now…NOT EDIBLE! So needless to say, dinner was somewhat ruined.

At least I had some onions sauteing at the same time, so I caramelized those, threw in some mushrooms, and cracked some eggs on top and had them with toast. Breakfast for dinner after the colossal fail.



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3 responses to “Cooking Fail!

  1. Ricky

    Lol no pictures? Does vaca Frita take an hour to cook? I hope your onions and mushrooms were cooked in a separate pan. 😉

    • Lol, yes they were cooked in a separate pan. I was going for a shortcut version. I usually cook the meat first and shred it, then marinate overnight before cooking again. I was too annoyed to break out the camera or phone to snap pics of flotsam in the pot.

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