Bubble Tea!

Smoothie or Iced Tea? Check.

Tapioca Pearls? Check.

Bubble tea is amazing! Bubble smoothies are even better! I acquired the taste for the beverage with the chewy bits at the bottom when I was younger, while visiting my family in Northern California during the summer.

There are many variations, including straight up tea, iced tea and milk (Thai style), and flavored teas. Another option is to have a smoothie with the tapioca (bubbles, boba, pearls, etc) in it.

Being in South Florida, these places are scarce. Thanks to friends, I have discovered M&H Cafe. They have two locations in Davie and Boca Raton.

Here is a pic of one of my favorite flavors that M&H offers (Green tea & Honeydew)! This one has the pearls in it, though they can’t be seen in the picture. If you don’t like tapioca, or chewy textures in your drinks, then the drinks are spectacular on their own without them.

M&H Cafe


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