Quick Food Fan Rant!

How many of you are fans of TV cooking shows? Especially the competition shows. Well, I pretty much have watched everything Top Chef related, including all of the holiday or “all-star” episodes. It’s always fun to have a little drama to keep viewers interested, and a couple seasons have been more boring (not because of a lack of culinary talent, mind you) because people mostly got along well.

That being said, while drama is fun, Top Chef: Just Desserts is full of drama-inducing, whiny babies. I like the pastry chef aspect of the foodie world, I do, but these contestants are CRAZY, dramatic, and extra-good at backstabbing or talking trash about people.

It’s still a fun show to watch, and it shows viewers how detailed the profession (and chefs) must be. It’s less realistic than traditional Top Chef because pastry chefs often require much more controlled environments and timeframes, but interesting to see how these chefs pull it off. Still, the show would be more fun if the people weren’t so ridiculous. Gail Simmons is still awesome though, and I think she’s doing pretty well as a full-time host rather than sitting behind the judges table most of the time.

Rant over!

– Anthony


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