Top Chef All-Stars!

I’m pretty excited to hear about the contestants in the upcoming season of Top Chef. I’m glad that they decided to bring back these contestants in a full season (Season Eight) rather than some holiday episode or a one-time deal as they have in the past. Even if you’re only a casual fan, you should be able to spot some familiar faces. I’m kinda stoked to see Tre from season 3 back, as he was a very strong contender for the title that season…another good chef to fall in Restaurant Wars! I’m pretty surprised to see Casey Thompson, also from season 3, back on the show. She was in the finals with Hung and Dale, but after the debacle as Carla’s sous-chef in season 5, and the backlash, I didn’t think she’d want to be anywhere near TC anymore. Either way, good to have her back…she was solid that year!

Other notables include Spike and Marcel…both good chefs, and both with strong personalities.

Fun foodie fact: At least two of the chefs have been sous-chefs on Iron Chef America at some point: Tre Wilcox for the Rathbun brothers, and Richard Blais for Cat Cora (repeated appearances)

Here is the full list:

Season 1:
· Tiffani Faison
· Stephen Asprinio

Season 2:
· Marcel Vigneron
· Elia Aboumrad

Season 3:
· Dale Levitski
· Casey Thompson
· Tre Wilcox

Season 4:
· Richard Blais
· Spike Mendelsohn
· Dale Talde
· Antonia Lofaso

Season 5:
· Fabio Viviani
· Jamie Lauren
· Carla Hall

Season 6:
· Michael Isabella
· Jennifer Carroll

Season 7:
· Angelo Sosa
· Tiffany Derry


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